Religiously spiritual Christian ready to return to God’s country in Oregon.  Or Colorado. Or maybe Wyoming? How ’bout Costa Rica?!

The “where” is not as important as “with whom.”  Looking for partners to live off the grid, have church spontaneously, read good books, play music, engage in good conversation, grow good food, host cultural exchanges, maybe start a community home school, and grow good kids (no, not baby goats – real children.  But we can raise chickens! Maybe a herd of sheep?)

Top Ten Things You Need to Know About Me:

  • I have some good kids, and a good dog.  My 7 yr old lives with me, my oldest is grown and out of the house, and I’m a foster parent to another child who will live with us until DSS determines his mama has jumped through all the necessary hoops to get him back. The dog was adopted.  She’s two.  She does not jump through hoops.
  • We’re a bi-cultural family (not the dog, but she is mixed, terrier and ??) I can give you my racial percentages, but I charge for that information (my early retirement plan – I get asked that question quite often.)
  • Politics vary, depending on the issue.  Willing to engage in civil discourse, but refuse to argue foolishness.
  • I am a hippie child, and as such I have either…. a) recovered from,  b) a regurgitory response to, or c) completely accepted and freely flaunt…. certain hippie tendencies.
  • I’m well traveled, well educated and well organized (the latter better stated as “can organize chaos well.”)
  • I cook, clean, and I’ll wash and dry clothes if you fold.
  • Baggage: I have a fiery temper, but nothing a hike in the woods won’t fix. (I hike a lot.)  I get defensive when I’ve done something wrong; I hate making mistakes.  I have an old injury in my left shoulder that aches periodically and it makes me grouchy.  So do people who don’t tip their waitress.
  • My experience has taught me to let go, I try not to hold on to anything too tightly. Accordingly, I don’t hold my farts; I’ll let it out whenever the need arises.  Further, I cannot hold back tears.  I’ll cry for you.
  • I’m a doer, always doing something, or directing someone else to do something.
  • I’m making a pilgrim’s progress and my walk isn’t always straight, but God’s not finished with me yet. Good thing for me God’s a doer too and doesn’t have my temperament.


Most Important Qualifications for Partners:

  • Willingness to assume one or more of the following titles: visionary/mountaineer/pioneer/cowboy/farmer/gardener/do-it-yourselfer/splash in mud puddler/father
  • Open to being an active part of a functional family unit.
  • Plays well with others
  • Willing to clean up and shave for company.
  • An all around handy person to have around.  If you don’t know how to do it yourself, you can read well enough to learn how, or you can afford to pay someone else to do it.
  • Excellent sense of humor.
  • Hard worker with a cooperative demeanor.
  • No addictions. (Tendencies or leanings or temptations can be disclosed without judgement with the understanding that we’re all broken and open to being held accountable when we slip.)
  • On bad days, you know how to communicate and isolate until you’re in a better mood.
  • Most importantly, you’re growing in the Spirit and making progress.
  • You could also be really rich looking to unload some cash before tax time.  You’d be willing to make a quick land investment of say 40-100+ acres. Make the green liberals in DC happy and designate it an eco-friendly land preservation project. Or if you want to pay for DNA testing to prove my native ancestry we could establish a new tribal reservation.  After which you would, of course, hire me to be your on-site forest ranger and camp reservations manager and offer me a splendid benefits package that includes a building permit, drilling for a well/septic, solar panels, and some material to start construction on “the lodge” – a place you would use on occasion as a getaway from making all that money operating the rat race. And just because you want to ensure avoiding any taxes in the years to come, you would have your lawyer draft up non-profit tax exempt status so we can have worship services, summer camps, and periodically offer retreats to refugees or foster children or poor artists/writers, or wild women who want to hoot and holler butt-naked around the campfire.  (Okay, maybe not that last part – unless we’ve had a really rough week with the refugee children.  We’ll make sure they’re not present.)


If you want to know more about me professionally, click here for my CV. I’m not crazy…. well, not any crazier than normal.  I’m simply convicted (not legally, spiritually) that in order for me to be the best me, I must live sustainably, within a family-like community, out in the country, eating nature valley granola bars – chewie, not crunchy.  Actually, skip that last part. I prefer coconut Cliff Bars. Mmmmm….yummy.


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  1. Michael Stonewall says:

    Living sustainably while eating nature valley granola and cliff bars? I was ready to dive in!

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H'vn Lee Skyes

There are two kinds of sufferers in this world: those who suffer from a lack of life... and those who suffer from an overabundance of life. I've always found myself in the second category. - from the film Waking Life

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